Restaurant "Made In Italo"

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Who Is  “Made In Italo

Restaurant “Made In Italo”.

Restaurant Made in the Italo Velletrano was founded in 1968. It was in that ‘year, in fact, that its owner and founder, Italo Di Cocco, of Velletri in the province of Rome, he decided to open his own restaurant in Foce Verde beach resort Latina, a place to serve dishes with some fish leap into the creative cuisine.

The formula Italo was successful, so as to attract customers not Latinensi also intrigued by the succession of word of mouth in favor of Velletrano. So, over the years, the local Italo Di Cocco became famous for the typical flavors of the sea for the sympathy and friendliness of its staff, a prerogative that makes even today, the restaurant ‘Made in the Italo Velletrano’ is one of the most famous of the province of Latina. Meanwhile Italo Di Cocco really wants to expand offerings in the restaurant business, encouraged and followed by ‘whole family, opens the doors dell’2000′ Villa Patrizia ‘, together with his sons Gianluca, Monia Mirko and Jade, a structure at the ceremonies where quality, elegance and the art of eating well they are the masters, all thanks to the staff of cooks, led by the wife of Italo Mrs. Patrizia who daily prepare and care in every detail, typical dishes.

Today as yesterday the restaurant “Made in Italo” led by Gianluca and his wife Maria, proposes the flavors of real seafood cuisine, ‘Spaghetti triumph of the sea’ ‘Tro’ette Sezze with beds of redfish and mushrooms” Fettuccine with catch Local and cherry tomatoes’ ‘octopus soup and beans” fillets of sea bass Gaeta red chicory ‘and, invariably the risotto with shrimp and Kiwi.

All accompanied by an excellent glass of wine purely local. The restaurant also has a good selection of vintage wines and quality, for connoisseurs or just lovers, the choice ranges especially among white wines National and local wines Laziali, boasts valuable pieces between Rum and Spirits Grappa.The respect of the tradition of quality and continuity is the secret of the restaurant Made in Italo since 1968 and that’s why the work of years and has won many awards, among them the last ‘Italian Quality Award’, which emphasizes the zeal and professionalism of those who every day is committed to ensuring that the kitchen of race is handed down.

The Staff

Gianluca Di Cocco
Gianluca Di Cocco


Today to hold the reins of Made in Italo find Gianluca Di Cocco, son of Italo and Patrizia, who skilfully continues the family restaurant. Yesterday and today, the Made in Italo through Gianluca and his wife Maria, who joined him in running the restaurant, proposes the flavors of real seafood cuisine. Innovation respecting tradition and quality, these are the key words that make the restaurant the Italo Made in one of the most awarded and renowned restaurants of the coast of Lazio and that allow him always to ride the wave of success in sails drawn.

Italo Di Cocco
Italo Di Cocco


Jailbird was the sea and a job as a waiter. So began the adventure in Latina Lido Italo Di Cocco, born in Velletri and planted in the capital, dean of restaurateurs, owner of Made in Italo in Foce Verde. Italo “boarding” in 1968 in the adventure of the restaurant Made in Italo, which continues today, including dishes based on fish and leaps of creative cuisine. From 1985 he was invited by some companies realize that they had recipes feature the products of the earth pontine, and also this experiment, still in place in the restaurant, was a great success. That’s what builds the unstoppable climb to the “stars” of the restaurant Made in Italo.

Patrizia Zaccagnini
Patrizia Zaccagnini


“Behind every great man is a great woman.” Even for the restaurant Made in Italo worth this famous saying, in fact, hidden among the pots and pans are Patrizia Zaccagnini, wife of Italo and especially first Chef of the restaurant. Flavors, fragrances, delights for the palate and the eyes are all the result of skillful hands of Patrizia, who with love and dedication prepares each dish offered in the restaurant. His skills, along with those of her husband, brought the Made in Italian at the top of the best seafood restaurants that are located in the Pontine territory and beyond.